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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Full Moon Message 4/29/2018

Serpent moon April 29 ,2018.

Mujeres : How awesome it is when we embark on journeys  that help us balance our emotions and our values :)
So it is in this Full Moon which we call the Serpent Moon
Lest Ata Karaya  luminous glow help you do just that.
Tonite in her fullness sit quietly under her lite :) Let nothing disturb you , close your eyes breathe deeply and think on these things.

As the Snake sheds its skin so we to can shed our false illusions and thoughts that limit us from having a balanced mind. In doing so we then are able to use our energy and desires to achieve wholeness in our own personal journey around the sun.

First we must look within ourselves.
Second we must not ignore our emotions, we must in a healthy way address them.
Tonite the Serpent Moon reminds us of this.
The lesson is ultimately to resolve our emotional wounds or risk destroying all we  have created or seek to create.

This full moon bring any toxic emotions to the surface and release them. 
"Think jealousy, rage, anger, envy, fear, paranoias and so on. Let it all go and do not allow toxic emotions to play a role in your own self destruction.
Even when life at times triggers off dramas that take  us away from a balanced mind  we must not allow toxic thought to take hold of us.

This full Moon is the time to let go.
Write it out, forgive anyone involved with anything you have written down, and then burn it tonight on this
April 29 ,2018  Full @ EST 8:58 PM 

On this nite  as we end the cycle of the previous full Moon and we start the cycle of the
Serpent Moon shed your skin.
Use snake wisdom to release and let go of old and useless habits and ways. Leave behind the old and release yourself as well from any allegiance to formats that diminish your ability to grow spiritually.

Have a beautiful Full Moon experience :) and remember Ata Karaya also holds the thoughts of all your ancestors...Add yours 💖🙏💖Join them . Abrazos Bibi Inaru 🙏💖👀

Scroll down for some interesting history on this date 

Today is Sunday, April 29, the 119th day of 2018. There are 246 days left in the year.

           1984-Independentistas in Boriken marched
in San Juan in opposition to 
US military interventions in Central America.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Happy Birthday Espy :) We love yeahhhh

Esperanza Martell who we with love call Bibi Espy is a human rights activist, educator, community organizer, life-skills transformative practitioner, mother,  poet and artist.
She is one of the co-founders of the former Casa Atabex Ache a Women of Color Self-Healing Center and the founder of Urban Atabex consulting, coaching and self-healing training.
Bibi Espy also creates beautiful art that is an expression of her politics, culture and spirituality. True to her ancestral heritage  she walks in their footsteps and everyday gives respect and meaning to their existence.
We are proud and honored to have Bibi Esperanza Martell as one of our Ata's on the Grandmothers council of the Bohio Atabei.
We celebrate her as she today once again celebrates her journey around the sun once more.
This is for you Espy.💝

Mujer de luz y armadura con mezcla de sangre brava
cundo levantas tu makana la madre patria tiembla 
El mar se agita y responde a tu voz. 

Querera Boricua !!! cuando gritas Guazabara suena el tambor de la batalla para defender la tierra. 

En tu rostro brilla el sol de la primera raza. 
Por tu amor por la libertad ante la amargura de una espada. 

En tus pies se ven las sombras y los reflejos de las cadenas que arastaban tus abuelas ... Mujeres negras como las noches de tu isla bella . 
Mujeres fuertes que bailan al son de una bomba en cánticos de plena. 

Mujer de luz y amor, Quererra sembrando semillas con tu machete en mano 
con sueños de un mañana cuando tu bandera flote libre y soberana.

Eres mujer Boricua una nación entera.

Humildemente caminas desafiando el tiempo sin miedo y en la vida defendiendo a tu pueblo.

Quererra Boricua cuando gritas Guazabara suena el tambor de la batalla para defender tu tierra.
Mujer Boricua tu eres la Esperanza de tu pueblo que te Ama.

Written by C.Pastrano Inaru 💝💝💝💝💝

Monday, April 16, 2018

Be kind to yourself and others :)

As we grow older and wiser, we begin to realize what we need and what we need to leave behind. Sometimes walking away is a step forward.
So go on walk away from negative people places and things.
Subtract what and who doesn't belong in your life.
Subtract bad habits, routines and circumstances that are holding you back.
Subtract people who continuously want to dump on your dreams. 
Be Kind but also be brave. Follow your values, make changes.
Dare to be different dare be happy.
Be You 
Lastly choose not to hang on to emotions.Ride out any negative emotion ; while you’re feeling the negative never say, “I feel (sad, angry, whatever)” but never say, “I AM (sad, angry, etc.).” You can let go of feelings but you can’t let go of yourself. Don’t BE the negative energy.
Free your mind to receive and give good thoughts.
In that good energy then 
Go out and do something good for someone else 🌺🤗 Bibi Inaru and smile Mujeres smile .