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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Super Moon Jan 31,2018 Spirit of the Whale

 So this second Full moon for this month of Jan 2018 is being hailed as cosmic event not seen since 1866 --in the US and we will not see this again until 2037 but US may not see it .
This is a rare super moon because it combines three unusual lunar events with an extra big super moon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse. It is an astronomical trifecta," The crossing of three energies just like a 3 pointed Zemi because it combines three unusual lunar events with an extra big super moon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse. It is an astronomical trifecta.

The blue moon refers to the second full moon in a month. Typically, a blue moon happens every two years and eight months.
The full moon is also the third in a series of "super moons," that happen when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit.
Then there is the eclipse, the moon will glide into Earth's shadow, gradually turning the white disk of light to orange or red.
"That red light you see is sunlight that has skimmed and bent through Earth's atmosphere and continued on through space to the moon.
"In other words, it's from all the sunrises and sunsets that ring the world at the moment."
The alignment of the sun, moon and Earth will last one hour and 16 minutes, visible before dawn across the western United States and Canada.

By the way best time to see a little this is 5:50-6:45 AM 
Or you can watch it live over the
which allows you to see it and know the precise moment this energy begins to form. Good time to take a piece of paper write down your thoughts and place them in the fire … Let the smoke carry them into the wind 
Needless to say we can expect many changes as well in the energy that surround us.

So take the time to do a ceremonial dance for yourself.

Spirit of this Full Moon for us is The Whale
Whale Spirit teaches you to retreat and contemplate alone, honing in like Whale sonar, so you can really hear your inner voice, and the Divine. Self-examination at this time is important .Travel with the Whale beneath the waters of your consciousness. Consider how Whales withstand the pressure of the ocean, but never stay down too long . Heed Grandmother Moon teaching in her celestial dance this month.
Be like the Whale for when they finally come up to breathe, Whale bursts joyfully forth, accepting that renewing air !! to sing their song. 

Happy Full Moon Dance ... Bibi Inaru.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Lets Areyto together Tainos :)

A Yukayeke is a village / group of people/relatives who function together in every aspect of life especially when needed in extra ordinary ways – They trust one another, care for one another ,help one another , defend and complement each others’ strengths and compensate for each others’ limitations. They have many common goals for the good of all that are larger than their individual egos / goals.
A Yukayeke is a village of hearts, minds and spirits who live ,love ,laugh and cry together … You see in the long run of every day as one people they can produce extraordinary results in whatever they do thus they are able to share with with their friends and relatives.
Without fear, prejudice ,jealousy, or hate they can stand as one when the ancestral guamo calls .
So how much love ,respect and understanding is in the hearts of our Yukayekes ???
How often do we reach out to each other as relatives …. seeing as how we all share the same ancestors ??? 

Are we really speaking the same language or are we all just pretending to be Taino ??? 
Think on this because a divided people sooner or later will always fall !!!
So how about we join hearts and Areyto together. 

We can not fail nor let our past or our future generations down... after everything is said and done ....... We are family  
Note you are all invited to participate /contribute and help to create a summer Areito of celebration and friendship  with total respect for each other as relatives.

In the name of all of our great Kacikes ,our people today and our future generations. From all the four directions from all of our island homelands past and present lets Areyto together.  Vamos a danzar .Lets make this the greatest Taino gathering the diaspora has ever seen.Lets together make it happen. Bring your flags ,your drums ,your maracas and your songs and lets AREYTO TOGETHER  LIKE OUR ANCESTORS DID .
Please Contact Bohio Atabei lets do this Tainos .... For details email

A Warrior Grandmother Bibi Mildred Karaira Gandia Reyes

On January 24,2018 :) in Florida the ancestors sounded the Guamo 
Boricuas were asked once again to march and strong for Boriken.

Our Bibi Karaira did not hesitate as she has done many times before to respond. As such she proudly stood in the front lines of a recent march aimed at putting pressure on politicians like Marco Rubio in Florida who have supported the present administrations disregard for our Island homeland in the wake of Hurricane Maria
Our Bibi dressed in her Taino regalia spoke at this event … and as is her way ,she let them have it. !!!

She  spoke up and with conviction and courage let Rubio know and others How dare they come to our island ask for our support to then turn their backs on our people.She let them know Boriken se RESPETA !!! and the people of Boriken will not forget.
Bibi Millie Karaira is  one of our WARRIOR Abuelas and sits on our council .She brings honor to our people.
Bomatum Bibi karaira for your teachings and for standing strong as a proud Taino woman. 

The following are a few pictures of our Bibi in action. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A message from the Bohio.

The Bohio Grandmothers are making this clarifying statement to continue important work in 2018.

If you ask for advice on personal issues, you will receive advice, and it will be given to you with love and respect. Note that advice is never forced on you or anyone.

So it is that advice whether you agree with it or not is up to you to accept, refuse, and/or take action on.

The Bohio is not responsible for your actions when it comes to your life choices (choosing a partner, job concerns, financial issues, or other life events). We always will gladly help any one of you sort things out when and if you ask or seek our help. 
However we do so keeping always in mind the wisdom and the voices of the ancestors in our hearts.

Defending ourselves as women and being sisters does not mean we now have to submerged ourselves in the confusing turmoil of personal decisions some make when choosing a partner, job, financial obligations, or other life events, nor should the commitment to the work of the Bohio suffer.

In all our years in this movement, we have seen many groups break up and their good work ignored because of issues people have that have nothing to do with the commitment to the work needed to rebuild our communities and or the efforts to unify our people .

Note the Bibis will say here and now: 

This will NOT happen to this Bohio !!! 
We work together to create and rebuild our communities.
We help when asked and will give advice, but fixing personal problems is not our main focus. 
We have far too much work ahead of us especially on the islands to stop and have to regroup each time someone has a problem of their own making.
We also try to bring healing and teaching ceremonies to as many of you as we can.
But it is very disheartening to say the least when

# 1 - More often then not the ceremonies are disrespected ,ignored and/or rarely attended.
# 2 - Interest in the work comes last.
# 3 - Promises made before the fire are easily disregarded and/or broken each time a personal issue is in the mix.

So from today onward with much love and respect for all of you... Know this 

1-That if you seek our counsel and you ask for it, you also must accept responsibility for your decisions, and the outcomes of those decisions.

2-We ask that you please think and reflect before you make a promise before the fire of the ancestors in sacred ceremony. Do not take an oath that you will not honor nor accept sacred ceremonial items connected to that oath. If you do accept sacred items connected to a  sacred oath they must be returned when you are no longer keeping that promise.

3-We ask you do not drag the Bohio into disharmonious ,disrespectful arguments and conflicts / issues that really are of your own doing.

4- If you want a ceremony, be it Moon, naming, teachings or otherwise, ask any one of the grandmothers and or the council.
Be aware that if you make the request you must also make all the arrangements, give the respected offerings, and assume all the expenses. Bohio and/or its Grandmothers will no longer absorb all the costs and/or preparations for ceremonies unless we choose to do so.

5- Bohio will do NO SACRED teachings online.

6-If you receive a public invite to participate in any Bohio collective work, and/or choose to be part of any event we sponsor, you must honor the time schedule and rules set by our council. 
If you receive a personal or private invite to one of our events etc an acknowledgement and or timely response from the recipient /recipients needs to be sent to the council as it helps us manage activities in a good and timely way.

7-Any and all info you need from now on with respect to our work /events etc you must take the time to obtain the info from our postings on any of our pages.
Individual emails and or messages will no longer be sent out especially for general public events.

8 -The name of the Bohio is not to be used without our council's consent. 

9 - Bohio will not interfere in your personal and/or other community involvements without your permission and we ask the same from each and everyone of you who chooses to be in the Bohio Atabei women's circle.

10- Involvement with the Bohio is totally voluntary and open to all Taino women to join.
But know our grandmother's circle makes all final decisions when it comes to the work of the Bohio we ask that this above all be respected.

11-Please respect all copy-write laws when sharing and or posting.

12- Lastly Bohio Atabei reserves the right to work with persons, groups and organizations of our own choosing regardless of gender , sexual orientation or tribal nation and we will not tolerate any type of discriminatory language and or adverse actions against our members and or persons we work with.

May we move forward in 2018 with love, respect, and wisdom

Bohio Atabei Grandmothers. 💗Love to all of you in the Spirit of Our Ancestors Seneko Kakona .

         Think native walk in balance ✊ 
Bohio of Atabei is a proud member organization of the UCTP
              Moving forward for our people